We don’t know why. We have no answers. Why the universe decided to test humanity with an illness that spreads with the blink of an eye and for which their is no cure. Why thousands of innocent people have to die, most left alone to take the last few steps of their life’s journey into the afterlife. Without their loved ones to console, to support, to cherich and to greet.

We fear. For our children, grandchildren, our brothers and sisters, our friends. But mostly ourselves. That this unseen enemy may also come to kidnapp us from our beloved, joyful life. We prevent, take precautions, be safe. But wonder if that is really enough. What if…

And then… to be locked inside with one for which you have stopped caring, loving, feeling so long ago. The arguments, abuse, hurt were escalating by the day. Becoming unbearable. You knew you had to end this. You needed to start divorce proceedings. Work and life obligations came in the way. Never the right time. And never enough time.

Now life has played you a trick. For days on end you are locked inside the small confinement of your home with the one person you want to avoid. Waking up together. Spending every minute, every hour of every day for 21 days in each other’s company.

Mutual fear for mutual subjects close to the heart has a way of bringing people together. Acrimony characterised by anger and abuse mixed with fear is more destructive than this unseen enemy. It will destroyand you both.

There is no answer to the question WHY. But the human instinct is survival. By putting personal issues, differences and objectives aside for the short period of 21 days, you have a chance to win the battle. Not only against the World Enemy, but also against Fear. And you will be ready when the time comes to follow the road you have chosen for yourself as a balanced, reasonable and clear thinking human being.

Breath. Be still. And thankfull. Not scared.

May you all be blessed and safe.