Accidents are horrible. Moving is traumatic.

Google can’t prepare you for it. 

Books can’t teach you to cope with it.

You’re alone…


Take control….

Join me on my journey from hell to health – a journey during which you will laugh until you cry, be sad until blissfully happy, guttering depressed to mountainously happyconsumingy angry to heavenly peaceful... Eventually you will be WHOLE AGAIN – ready to live life  to love unrestrictedly in abundance – the way we all desire and deserve!!

In this blog / vlog you will be faced with the true facts of divorce, the shit that no one ever talks about – the untold truths. The things forever hidden, swept under the carpet – the cruel reality

It doesn’t matter whwas dumped – we all have to deal with 

• Rejection
• Failure
• Not good enough
• Wasted time
• Denial
• Anger
• Sadness
• Gatvolness
• Loss
• Self esteem 

And obviously the legal facts on 

• Divorce procedure 
• Money matters / Division of the estate
• interim maintenance
• children issues

Follow me!! It will be an enlightening experience. You will learn from my un-censored, un-sugar-coated and horrific honest description of events, emotions, thoughts and actions. 

A peek into what’s to come… 

A. And so it begins…
• The summons served – the different scenarios based on who instigated the action.
• Finding the right attorney
• So many reasons why
• The battle of the sexes
B. The madness of our emotions
  • The anger
  • The sadness
  • Revenge
  • Regrets
  • Acceptance
C. The madness of our actions
• Desire to change 
• Exercising
• Crash dieting
• From face-lifts to total lifts…
• The on-line dating….
• Psychological treatment
• Modern Socializing  
• Hypnotherapy 
• Sexual emancipation   

D​. Finding yourself

• Read, read, read…
• Emotional healing 
• Music and the soul
• Inspiration
A complete and fulfilled me
You will encounter strange vocabulary with no real meaning other than emotional expression…..word such as Fok, Fokkin, Donnerse,Doos… If you have not uttered (or thought) one of these, you don’t need this blog yet…. 

To complete this journey successfully, you have to challenge yourself – follow the advice given from time to time. It will be exhilarating and empowering.

And pass on the message. Someone else may also be struggling to find balance.

Enjoy the ride.