Father Doesn’t Bother

My father doesn’t bother to write or contact me.
I wonder what the reason is for him not wanting me.
I thought you said you cared.
You left me here little, alone, and scared.
I would have been much better off
If you had stayed over here with me.
Instead of saying those things you said,
I worked so hard not to care.
I just feel so sad, lonely, and blue
If only you knew all the things I’ve been through.
I’m sure it would have tempted you with a reason to stay,
all you left me was a chill.
Now my heart is empty still.
Was it so hard to love your child?
I’m sure you had to leave the state.
I hope you know you made my fate.
My fate of not feeling worthy of love.
So if I ever see you again,
I’ll read you the title of this poem,
I’ll turn the other way and say,
My Father doesn’t bother.
(Savannah L. Jackson)
Published: February 2006Read More