Raising children = fear. For their safety, their wellbeing. We try to protect them, keep them safe, shelter them from harm. But in
the process we may not realize that we are unwittingly passing down our own fears and anxieties — whether it’s a fear of
something tangible like airplane travel, dogs, heights or anxiety over something less concrete like social skills. Younger children
react to what their parents do and say — whether these are good habits parents want to encourage, or bad habits they
don’t want to install.

(Grindylows are water demons that appear to us from British folklore. They were water demons that liked to wait in cold water for a victim to happen by – usually a child. When a child ventured into cold water, the Grindylow would pull him into the water with long fingers and drown him. It is thought that the Grindylow was invented to keep children from wandering off into dangerous waters…)Read More